Jenny's Rose TIncture Bottle


20:1  CBD:THC


Jenny's Rose TIncture Bottle




Jenny's Rose TIncture Bottle


1:20  CBD:THC


Jenny's Rose TIncture Bottle

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Jenny’s Rose currently offers a variety of tincture products for you. These tinctures cover varying formulations of the full plant compound profiles inside the bottle. Each variety has the same unique and patented extraction method with clean carriers and additional ingredients. The differences between each variety lay in the designated use case which our production team crafted using specifically sourced genetics of base plant we extract from. These genetics have the plant compounds and cannabinoids that each have a specific profile that we use for daytime, anytime, or nighttime.


Picking the right tincture can make a huge difference in your overall experience in consuming cannabis. This article will talk about the benefits of using cannabis tinctures and how you can choose the best tincture for you. To find out more about picking the right tincture, the below information should help. 

What are Tinctures?

Tinctures are a form of cannabis that have a mix of cannabinoid oils that are infused into other liquids, often with a desired formulation between the cannabinoid oils and the additional ingredients. These desired formulations are crafted by scientists to have specific use case formulations that are optimized through the method of dropping a small drop of oil under the tongue. Once the drop of oil is absorbed into the body, there often is an efficient onset of the desired use. If the dropper to your tongue is not of interest to you, simply drop a drop of oil into a beverage of choice, we’d recommend a juice or a flavored water.

What Makes Tinctures a Popular / Desirable Form Factor?

Tinctures are a popular product among people who are interested in using cannabis for health benefits. They tend to be highly recommended for specific ailments due to their ability to be highly consistent as well as have an efficient onset. 

There are a multitude of different ways tincture can help a person relax and be more in tune with themselves. Different tinctures help people in different ways. So when picking the right tincture, you must consider what aspects of your health you’d like to improve.

Benefits Of Using Cannabis Tinctures

Despite its many health benefits, consuming cannabis can be quite a hassle. The current most common method of consuming cannabis is through smoking. As enjoyable as this activity is, it also requires a lot of preparation. From getting a grinder and lighter to rolling joints, smoking cannabis isn’t an easy task for those of us with busy schedules. 

Tinctures allow you to reap the benefits of cannabis without the effort of rolling a joint or baking them into brownies. Furthermore, since cannabis is extracted through a solvent, the plant is in its purest state. Thus tinctures allow you to take full advantage of cannabis in a way that no other forms of consumption can. 

Tinctures come in bottles and are used with small droppers. They are also odorless and very discreet. These features make tinctures convenient not only in terms of time but also location. To smoke cannabis, you’d probably have to set a specific location and time. With tinctures, you can take a few drops from your bottle at any time and any place without attracting any unwanted attention. 

Lastly, using tinctures allow for more controlled dosing. Tinctures have a precise amount of cannabis in each bottle. So, when you are using a tincture, you can rest assured that you are receiving a perfectly calculated dose of cannabis. Furthermore, tinctures tend to have a quick effect on their absorption track compared to some other forms of consumption.

Choosing The Right Tincture For Yourself

To choose the best tincture you need to understand the terms CBD and THC. CBD stands for cannabidiol while THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. These are the two main cannabinoid molecules. In Jenny’s Rose tinctures, we formulate both with major cannabinoids, the ratio of CBD and THC, while also expose numerous minor cannabinoids that enable a better path and overall experience. 

High CBD and Low THC

Tinctures with a high ratio of CBD and a low ratio of THC are more often used for ailments or medicinal use rather than for recreational use. These types of tinctures provide a low-risk option of consuming cannabis in terms of getting you high. While you will still feel a sense of relaxation after using this type of tincture, your headspace has the lowest chance of a change in state.

High CBD to low THC tinctures are perfect for daytime use. If you are always busy with work or aren’t comfortable with getting too much of a head change from cannabis, a high CBD, low THC tincture is perfect for you. These tinctures are also good for beginners who want to start with something small and then work their way to something stronger. Note that everybody’s body is different, so moderate trial use is encouraged as a starting point. 

High THC and Low CBD

High THC to low CBD tinctures are intended for a different use than the high CBD, low THC tinctures. These tinctures are used primarily for relaxation and contain more of the molecule that enables the body to get high. Our dosing recommendations are designed to minimize the risk of getting too high and having a traumatic experience. Though by design and organized for our nighttime formulation, tinctures with high THC and low CBD are intended for sleep prep.

Though these tinctures can be quite relaxing, we encourage their use them with some caution or general awareness while taking. Using a high THC low CBD tincture on a busy day might end up being a discouraging and unwanted experience unless you have a stronger tolerance to the compound. Make sure you dose in a small fashion and work your way up. Note that CBD often counteracts THC, so in the rare case you use too much THC, CBD dominant formulations can help to alleviate some of the effects.

Importance of Minor Cannabinoids

Minor Cannabinoid compounds from the plant are typically considered rare and not typical in most products today on shelves. These compounds have varying effects though are considered minor, as opposed to major, as most plant genetics contain these compounds in lower proportions than CBD and THC. This does not mean that the effects of minor cannabinoids are minor, it simply is a term to illustrate that they are less common molecules found in a smaller proportion in the cannabis plant genetics and it takes a lot of effort to maintain their presence in the extraction process. 

Minor cannabinoids, like majors, also have acronyms that help to abbreviate their scientific names such as THCA, CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBGA, CBC, Delta8THC, CBDV, THCV, and many more. There have been hundreds of these compounds discovered in the plant and we have created an extraction and formulation process to make sure they are able to be utilized in our products. Minor cannabinoids are a great area to research, learn about, and enjoy. We believe they are a big part of the future of our industry.

The Best Tincture For You From Jenny's Rose

Jenny’s Rose currently offers three amazing tinctures, recommended for use according to the time of day they are consumed.

All products we provide are third-party tested, use the full plant extract and contain all-natural ingredients. Aside from using the entire plant, our tinctures also use rare minor cannabinoids to enhance your experience. Each tincture comes in a 15mL bottle with an easy-to-use squeezable dropper. Here’s the Jenny’s Rose current tincture line up:

Daytime: The Daytime tincture has a neighboring 20:1 CBD: THC ratio. Recommended for daytime use, this tincture provides you with an increased energy shift intended to avoid drowsiness. We suggest that this product is used for an energizing start to your day. A version that contains many minor cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBDV, CBDVA, CBG, CBGA, CBN, Delta8THC, THCV and many other compounds. If you’d like a release from the day that is still a pick me up, give the Daytime tincture from Jenny’s Rose a try. 

Anytime: The Anytime tincture consists of a 1:1 CBD: THC ratio giving you the best of both worlds. We suggest that this product is used to balance your day and open you to the interactive world around you and has been used by some of our clients for intensive ailments. A version that contains many minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBDA, CBG, CBN, Delta8THC, THCV, and many other compounds, you’ll find this dynamic product when properly dosed to improve many moments in the day. Try out the Anytime tincture to be the perfect balance of calm and collected.

Nighttime: The Nighttime tincture contains a 1:20 CBD: THC ratio, our highest concentration of THC, which is still recommended to smoothly and slowly dose for minimal head change. With high THC levels, this tincture is perfect if you want to close your day and unwind. A version that contains many minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBDA, CBG, CBN, Delta8THC, THCV and many other compounds, try the Nighttime tincture while inside and having your evening winddown routine.


For high-quality tinctures that use the full plant extract as well as many minor cannabinoids, try one of our offered tinctures from our shop page today.