Cinnamon is much more than a savory flavor for us. Whether you know it or not, it is for you too. There are various benefits that stem from
the use of all natural cinnamon oil and we’re going to touch on a couple of our favorites. Everything we do at Jenny’s Rose we do with a purpose and hope that by the end of this blog you’ll have a much better understanding of just how useful nature’s design in cinnamon oil can be and why we chose to utilize it far beyond just for its unique and delectable flavor.

Of course we know just how delicious the warm cinnamon aroma and taste of the best cannabis tinctures in California can be, but there are so
much more than meets the eye or palette here. Did you know that in some cases all natural cinnamon oil can combat bacteria? Did you also know that in other cases it can help to increase the shelf life of products? Embracing cinnamon’s chemical composition, we embrace the attributes of all natural cinnamon flavor and intentionally push our products to have a longer shelf life. We think this is the best move for customers, retailers, and our overall offering. Since day one, Jenny’s Rose has been focused to remove any inorganic additives from cannabis shelves, we embrace a natural holistic lifestyle that offers a clean all-natural solution. Thankfully with Jenny’s Rose, you’ll never have to think twice about what you’re consuming, plus studies continue to pile in that cinnamon and its aroma can be quite beneficial for mood and bodily function.

All natural is a big part of our mission and it’s an important aspect for us to utilize the highest quality ingredients in all of our offerings including our DAYTIME that neighbors a 20:1 CBD Tincture, our ANYTIME that neighbors a 1:1 tincture, and our NIGHTTIME that neighbors a 20:1 THC Tincture. We believe these all natural ingredients are just a small portion in what sets us apart from so many brands in the industry. We take the time and necessary steps with true intentionality to build trust with our ingredient selection, so that you don’t have to worry about what’s inside. Explore the highest quality THC and CBD tinctures in California today and find your favorite. Whether you’re looking for something to start your day off or just to kick back and relax, we’ve got just the remedy for you.