At Jenny’s Rose, we take tremendous pride in the time and resources we have spent dedicated towards crafting some of the best cannabis oils available today, especially our 1:1 cannabis tincture we call ANYTIME. Each day we continue to strive to offer our loyal customers products that they seek out and rely on for a multitude of purposes, we strive to be the place that provides customers peace of mind. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes Jenny’s Rose tinctures not only a high quality product with health conscious ingredients, but one that aims to serve those seeking out a remedy for their everyday troubles.

At the base of our tincture line, lays our patented extracted oil that contains a novel remainder that is then carefully crafted using delicate nano-emulsification technology with some of the highest quality additional ingredients. One of the most important additional ingredients that Jenny’s Rose adds to its cannabis tincture lines is hemp seed. Hemp seed, or hemp seed oil is an all natural ingredient that not only pairs well with the cannabis oil infusion but also has many of its own benefits and wide range of use cases. Some have claimed hemp seed has helped them be able to sleep better, alleviate joint pain, reduce inflammation, or even possibly lower blood pressure. We like it because it’s a helpful, clean carrier for cannabinoids and also known to be a great source of omegas. Keep in mind however, although these points have been made from multiple testers, there is not yet significant data to validate these claims in the scientific community.

With the use of natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, it helps make for a much more reliable tincture formulation that is trustworthy. We do our best to make sure the cleanest and most effective ingredients are included for the best customer outcomes. This is one of the biggest difference makers in what sets us apart from so many other brands and why we take great pride in what we do. Our mission has been, and will continue to always be, to provide quality cannabis products and the best ingredients for those searching for a better remedy for their needs. We believe that these are not only the best California Cannabis Tinctures but also the best formulated ingredients that we believe are going to impact the world.