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Black Raspberry

Imagine the glistening dark hue of sun-ripened berries and a the tart sophistication in each sweet bite. Hooga’s black raspberry flavor is an intricate dance between earthiness and forest wildness, with elusive hints of floral elegance that elevate each bite. Try this delicious flavor today!


Savor the luscious crimson allure of Hooga Cherry – each bite is a balance between sweet indulgence and a hint of tangy intrigue. Elevate your senses with the irresistible dance of Cherry’s sweetness and tartness. Discover this exquisite flavor and indulge in nature’s delicious duet.


Experience the radiant vibrancy of Tangerine – with every taste, a burst of sunshine-filled delight awaits. The flavor paints a picture of citrus groves, where zesty excitement meets the gentle sweetness of dawn-kissed fruit. Embark on a journey of tantalizing zest and juiciness, and relish in the captivating world of Hooga Tangerine today.